It is not enough to have the most melodious voice to intone a tango. No. You also have to feel it. You have to live the spirit.

(Carlos Gardel)


It is an association that has the artistic direction of:

- Paola Di Bari, master/dancer/Tj. For years he has been teaching in Bari and in other Italian cities; organizes internships and seminars with important Argentine masters and musicalizes several milongas in Bari and other cities in Italy. It participates, as a musicalizador, in numerous demonstrations and events outside the region in which important internationally renowned dancers perform.

- Tommaso Battaglia, master/dancer. After studying Argentine tango with important international masters, since 2004 he has taught Tango, Milonga and Vals; organizes demonstrations, events, milongas, evenings and workshops, tango holidays in Bari and Puglia.

Paola and Tommaso have been dancing tango together since 1999 and have been teaching since 2005. Since 2007 they have been the organizers of the Friday Milonga in Bari hosting famous couples at the time and important Ensembles and Orchestras. Since 2011 they have been organizing the Bari Tango Congress.


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